How to convert bitcoin into ethereum or any other cryptocurrency?


Experts agree that investing in cryptocurrency like bitcoins is very great. Even Bill Gates also admits about Bitcoins. But you should also know about it that there are so so many cryptocurrencies like ethereum, ripple, siacoin etc, on the other side too.

It is also a good choice to invest in other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and ripple. In this article, I will tell you how to easily change cryptocurrencies example Bitcoin in Ethereum, Ripple or any type of another cryptocurrency.

If you are currently started dealing with cryptocurrencies for the first time, then here are some of the links of our articles I have given below which you should read to learn more:

So let’s move on to the side of our today’s latest tutorial 


The fastest and easiest way to convert cryptocurrency

This is a popular currency swapping site that works one: helping people to exchange their cryptocurrencies simply and fast.

So let’s assume that if you have to change your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to Ethereum.

You need only 2 things:

Ethereum wallet address and Bitcoin Wallet Address 

If you want to convert your Bitcoin with Ethereum or another cryptocurrency, then you must know the current wallet address of your currency, where you can get that exchanged currencies.

If you do not have any Ethereum Wallet address, you can easily signup now for Coinbase the popular wallet and get wallet address in free for lifetime.

Once you have done these two needs, then go to to start exchanging.

At hoMe page, Under “Which Coins To Trade” select bitcoin in deposit section and ethereum in receiving section”

Now Click on the Continue button. where you need to add your Ethereum Wallet Address and also need your Bitcoin wallet Address. Bitcoin wallet address is not compulsory here but in the case of refunds, it works very usefully.

now I am converting my 1 BTC into ETH.

Once you entered the amount and click your wallet address, then click on the “Start Transaction” button, On the next page, you will also see the address “Send It To”.

Important Note: You only have ten minutes to complete this transaction successfully.

For this tutorial, I will send my Bitcoin from my zabpay wallet to the wallet address mentioned above in exchange time.

Generally, it will take 30-60 seconds for the complete transaction and you will see success screen:

This means that Bitcoin has been successfully converted to Ethereum and it has been sent to your Ethereum Wallet Address. you will receive ur ethereum in ur wallet quickly.

Ethereum wallet will show the new amount in your Coinbase account but it will be in the pending state for the next 30 minutes unless it is verified by the network. You can learn more about this process here.

Shapeshift also have a smartphone app that you can easily download by clicking on the links given below:

Download iOS App  || Download Android app

So this is a simple example of converting your bitcoin into ethereum. You can also follow this guide to convert Bitcoin into any other type of cryptocurrency such as sia, Litecoin, ripple, and tron etc.



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